Beky, Dress-up Doll Set With Reusable Stickers

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    Beky, Dress-up Doll Set With Reusable Stickers
    Dress-up Doll Set With Reusable Stickers

    Sheet size: 267x284 mm

    Extraordinary dress-up doll with many cute reusable sticker outfits!
    This timeless toy will entertain boys and girls, it helps children to develop fine motor skills and logical thinking and it will last really long thanks to our special reusable stickers made of ecological textile material. You can dress your dolls as many times as you wish and create the best outfit for them!

    Each set contains separately cut-out reusable stickers GEKONKY. You can stick them, remove them and repeat! They leave no marks on the surface, just like the real-life gecko.
    The package includes a piece of cardboard, on which you can first attach the doll. Leave the clothes stickers on the sheet, using it as a “wardrobe“. This storage helps the adhesive side to be functional for a long time.
    Have fun playing!

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